Fun Design Templates to Fool Your Friends

April Fools' Day is sneaking up fast! And you certainly don't want to be caught unprepared, right? Unleash some mayhem with our mischievous design templates, ready to print on Avery Clear Sticker Paper.
Mold Design

Moldy but Goodie

Serve up lunch in moldy sandwich bags decorated with this nature-inspired design.
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Trail of Ants Design

Feeling Antsy

Leave a trail of marching ants on someone's desk or computer monitor, and wait for the sound of bug spray to follow.
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Shattered Screen Design

All Cracked Up

Unattended smartphones, beware—or risk the wrath of this shattered screen.
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Roaming Cockroach Design

Squirmin' Vermin

Creep out friends in an instant with these unwelcome cockroach fellows on a lampshade or kitchen countertop.
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This April Fools' Day, the joke's on us! Have some fun with a little help from Avery.