Create Irresistible Candy Kebabs

Send guests away empty-handed? Never! These skewers are easy to make at the party or made in advance to give as a parting gift. Add a fun message printed on Avery tags using Whether you call them kebabs, kebobs or just gummies-on-a-stick, everyone will remember them as scrumptious.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Gather skewers, gummy animals (enough to fit eight to ten per skewer), large plastic baggies (no zip-tops), string, skewers, Avery Tags (22802 or 22812), Avery Glossy White Oval Labels (22804 or 22814)

Step 2: Skewer gummies onto sticks

Choose your favorite gummies and press them onto a skewer. Pile larger gummies together or separate them with smaller ones.

Step 3: Wrap skewers

Slip each skewer into a plastic baggie and twist at the base.

Step 4: Add tags with fun messages

Create fun messages using this tag template and print on Avery tags. Use string to attach the tag to the base of each skewer.

Step 5: Place extra gummies out in decorated jar or as part of a candy buffet

Put skewers in a clear container and put any extra gummies in a jar for guests to nibble. Decorate the jar with a printed Avery Oval Label.