Color-Your-Own Place Settings for Tiny Party Guests

Fun, activity-oriented place settings keep little partygoers busy while they nosh. Add each guest’s name onto place cards, menu cards and napkin seals for a delightful, personalized touch using Avery products and free design templates on

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Gather butcher paper, scissors, markers, colored card stock, Avery Square Labels (22816 or 22806), stapler, Avery Tent cards (5302), Avery Postcards (3263)

Step 2: Set the table

Roll the butcher paper across the table and set plates and cups.

Step 3: Draw the utensil outlines

Draw the outlines of utensils on either side of the plates (put the real utensils at the buffet table).

Step 4: Create napkin holders

For the napkin holders, cut Avery Postcards (3263) in half lengthwise, roll into cylinders and staple the ends together. Personalize this free square label template from Avery Design & Print Online with guests’ names and print on Avery Square Labels. Affix a label to the front of each cylinder.

Step 5: Print name cards and menu cards

Add guests’ names onto the place card template and print on Avery Tent Cards (5302), and customize the menu template and print menus on Avery Postcards (3263).

Step 6: Place crayons in cups

Put bundles of crayons in cups around the table so the doodlers can get to work.