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Top Five Organization Tips We Teach Our Kids
Psssst… you are being watched. That’s right—by those amazing little “sponges” known as your kids. They’re absorbing so much information from everything around them, and that includes what they learn from watching you. Why not put their keen observation skills to use with important lifelong lessons they’ll learn from you? Here are five things to consider showing your kids about the valuable lesson of organization.

1) Keep only what you can use.

When seasons change, so does your wardrobe, and it’s time to decide which clothing items you’ll keep and put in storage, and which ones you’ll donate. This same practice can be used when it comes to your kids’ clothing and other belongings, such as toys.

Label your storage boxes and identify the contents using Avery Full-Sheet Removable Labels and the Avery Design & Print Online program. Then when the weather changes, make a plan with your children to decide what items need to be packed away until next season, and what outfits the kids have outgrown that can be donated.

For birthdays and other occasions when kids receive several toys at once, you can pack away some of their new playthings into a box to prolong the “wow” factor throughout the year. When they’re ready for something new, ask them to donate a toy they already have before choosing a new one from the box.

2) Take care of your priorities.

How do you make a to-do list even more effective? Make it a prioritized to-do list, so you can take care of what’s important first. With these checklist templates, you can show your kids how to zero in on their tasks in order of importance.

New To-Do List Templates for Avery Shipping Labels 3-1/3" x 4"

Whether you create a new to-do list every day or once a week, set up a time (daily or weekly) with your kids and show them how you would put together your own list and help them create theirs. The next time you get together, you can go over their accomplishments from the last list before starting the next one.

3) Ask for help.

While kids like to feel independent, it’s important to let them know they can always ask for help if they need it. We can all use a little helping hand every now and then, even when we’re grown up, too—especially when we need a little help around the house!

Chores are a great way to give kids some responsibility, and it can demonstrate that everybody can do their part to help each other out. What’s an easy way to get the kids onboard without making it a huge ordeal? Make it fun by creating chore cards for them using Avery Adhesive Pockets with Card Inserts. Customizable with the free Avery Design & Print Online program, you can print the chore on one side of the card, and use the other side to print the day of the week the chore should be done, identify which child the chore is assigned to, or even add a reward they will receive when the chore is completed. Then stick the pockets up on a bulletin board in a common area of the house, and tuck the chore cards inside. Assign different chores each time for the element of surprise!

Avery Chore Cards Template for Adhesive Pockets with Card Inserts

4) Stay on track.

When your daily life has you juggling multiple tasks, it’s important to stay focused on what needs to be done. Having one central place for all your paperwork makes it easier to keep life organized, for both kids and adults.

Whether you have a big project to organize, such as a wedding or a home renovation, you’ll be organized from the start with an Avery Heavy-Duty Binder. And as you add your documents, such as official licenses, quotes, or notes, you can build categories inside your binder with customizable Avery Index Maker Dividers so you can easily reference your paperwork.

Your kids can appreciate the idea of having one go-to place for all their stuff, too! Get them started with an Avery Mini Binder, a pint-sized way for them to learn how to organize, and easy enough for smaller hands to carry. With Avery Mini Write-On Dividers they can categorize their class notes, journal entries, or drawings by writing on the tabs with a pen or pencil, and when categories change, they can erase the tab and write in the new category.

5) Take time out for yourself so you can tackle your tasks.  

When kids get tired and cranky, a little naptime can help them get refreshed again. As adults, we don’t often get a chance to nap during the day, but it’s nice to take breaks and get refreshed, too.

So remind yourself to take five every now and then. Even if it’s a setting an alarm on your phone or putting it in your planner. You’ll appreciate the breather and be ready for whatever comes your way.

Showing your kids the benefits of organization is a lesson that can last a lifetime. So remember—lead by example, and help your kids learn how their organization efforts can go a long way.