Tips for a Tidy Home

Ever feel like you can never clear the clutter at home? There’s a simple strategy you can use to bring order to your home. The same tools you use to keep you organized at work can help you organize your home, too. Here are some quick tips for home organization:

Store it

- Sort items by category, room of the house, or occasion, and store the stuff you don’t need right away into boxes. Instead of buying new boxes, reuse old cardboard boxes with the help of Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock Technology. These labels are guaranteed to cover everything underneath, so you can hide old labels or markings and make boxes look like new again. Create customized labels with free Avery Templates to describe box contents, such as “Halloween Costumes” and include a picture of a mask for quick and easy identification.

- Place important documents such as tax returns or treasured photos in file folders and store inside lidded archival-safe boxes for safekeeping. With Avery File Folder Labels with TrueBlock Technology, you can easily update or reuse existing folders by completely covering up old labels so they don’t show through.

File it

- File away business cards for mechanics, plumbers, electricians and other helpful resources in a Family Life Organizer so they’re handy when you need to reference them. The organizer is also a good place to keep loose documents such as owner’s manuals, warranties and instruction booklets. Tuck them into Avery Multi-Page Capacity Sheet Protectors and place them in your binder.

- Pre-print your return address and mailing labels on Avery Easy Peel® Labels and keep them with your stamps so they’re ready when you need to mail out quick thank you cards, invitations, bills or other mailing needs.

Identify it

- Maintain an organized home by ensuring items get returned to their proper place. Use Avery Removable Multi-Purpose Labels to indicate where things belong. For example, you may have one broom that’s designated for the house labeled “Closet” and the other labeled “Garage.”

Toss it

- Get rid of what you don’t need by giving it to someone who wants it, donating to charity, or throwing it away.

Not everyone is a born organizer, but with a little time and effort, your house can look like it was professionally organized in no time. When everything has its place, you’ll find there’s a place for everything you need—and you’ll still be able to keep your home neat and tidy.