Tips for Hosting a Blowout Fundraiser

Got big, exciting plans for your school, sports team or club? Don’t let tight budgets put a damper on them! Hosting a fundraiser can help generate a little extra cash, build awareness in your community and gain support for your cause. Here are some tips to help your organization get the boost it needs.

Make a plan of action

The nuts and bolts of any successful fundraiser is to have an organized plan. What’s the purpose of the fundraiser? What financial goal do you wish to reach? What kind of budget do you have to work with? And what kind of event will it be—a silent auction, bake sale, car wash or carnival? The answers to these questions can provide a clear direction of what you will accomplish.

Recruit your team

Rounding up folks to help with your fundraiser can be as simple as just asking. Work as a team with the members of your group to spread the word that you’re looking for a few good volunteers. You might be pleasantly surprised by the goodness of people who want to do their part to support a worthy cause.

Call for donations

In addition to volunteers donating their time and effort, put together a list of business owners and other members from your community who may be able to donate not just money, but other resources. Donations such as products or services can be used as giveaway prizes for a raffle. Or, a business owner might offer use of their location as a place to hold your event.

Create tickets to your event

Tickets are a great way to advertise your fundraiser. It’s easy to create personalized tickets right from your desktop printer with Avery Tickets and free design templates on Avery Design & Print. Include the name of your organization, the reason for the fundraiser, the date, time and location of your event on each ticket and stub. When you sell a ticket, simply tear off the stub and give to the purchaser. If you’re selling tickets in advance of your fundraiser, it’ll serve as a reminder for them to save the date.

Host a raffle

Another way to raise funds is to sell tickets for a raffle. If you’re able to collect some fabulous prizes from local vendors or members of the community, be sure to promote the types of prizes people will have a chance to win. Raffle tickets are easy to create with Avery Tickets, and adding serial numbering is easy with Avery Design & Print. Be sure to add matching numbers to both the ticket and the stub. When participants purchase a ticket, they simply add their contact information to the ticket stub, detach and submit for the drawing. They’ll hold onto their end of the ticket to use as a claim ticket.

Feed the crowd and sell refreshments

Bake Sale

Tasty snacks are simply irresistible. With limited budgets, work with volunteers or local businesses who can provide baked goods for a bake sale, or set up food booths offering a variety of savory treats, bottled water and other refreshments to sell at the event. And, for a thoughtful touch, add a custom “thank you” message from your group to each item using Avery Labels or Avery Tags. Attach to the bag, bottle or cup and show them how much you appreciate their support!

And now, for some fun and games

Guess How Many

If you’re thinking about hosting a larger event such as a school-wide fundraiser, or coordinating with several local sports organizations, go big by hosting a fair or carnival. Each classroom, club or team can sponsor their own booth. In addition to food and beverage booths, consider attractions such as games, where participants can try their luck or skill for a chance to win prizes. They can be as simple as a bean bag toss, ring toss, and “guess how many” game using customized Avery Folded Business Cards, or more elaborate setups, such as shooting hoops or offering mystery grab bags filled with different prize assortments.
Mystery Grab Bag

Get the ball rolling on your next fundraiser! With a little planning and organization, you and your team will be on your way to hosting a successful, blowout event.