Teaching Kids Lessons That Stick

Ever wish you could go back to the days of being a kid? Everything was a new learning experience, and some of our most valuable life lessons were instilled in us when we were young. We’ve put together some ideas on how you can teach your kids some of the basics you learned at an early age. And since we never stop learning, perhaps these ideas will spark more ways for all of us to learn new things, at any age!

Building Blocks For Learning

Building blocks for learning

Kids will enjoy mixing in a little playtime while they learn with these labeled blocks. Use Avery Design & Print Online to customize removable labels with words to teach kids how to create sentences, letters to learn how to spell or even numbers and operator symbols to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Lessons in money management

Start your child’s financial awareness at an early age by showing them how to manage money responsibly. Label jars with scalloped tags marked “Save,” “Give” and “Spend.” Kids will be able to see for themselves how their hard-earned chore money or allowance is used based on the decisions they make.

Helping others in need

Teach kids how to be giving by participating in charitable activities as a family. Get them involved by providing them the opportunity to select the clothing and toys they’d like to donate, placing the items in labeled bins and joining you to drop them off. Another idea is to choose activities where you can all donate your time and service together, such as volunteering at an animal shelter, delivering food baskets or helping a neighbor in need.