Study Tips You Won’t Learn in School

We send the kids off to school to learn about reading, writing and arithmetic. But are they also learning the basics on how to study? Help them get ready to return to school in the new year by showing them how to develop good study habits. Start by teaching them how to organize three key areas: their schoolwork, time and study area. Fire up those neurons with these simple tips.

1) Organizing schoolwork

It’s easier to hit the books when study materials are neatly organized. Show your kids how to keep their schoolwork in order so they can clearly focus on their subject.

- Use a sturdy binder to store study materials and homework. Built for long-lasting use, the Avery Heavy-Duty Binder features  EZ-Turn™ rings for smooth page turning, and the Gap Free™ ring design prevents papers from falling out. Weak binders are history!

- Keep schoolwork organized by subject with Avery Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers with multi-color tabs. Durable tabs are reinforced to resist tearing for extended use. And the dividers are a cinch to put together—just customize the labels online with the free Avery Design & Print Online software.

2) Organizing time

Show your kids the benefits of putting a schedule together. They’ll be able to see how time can be properly managed if they stick to their plan. It’s a lesson on how to make every minute count!

- Give your child their own calendar or personal planner. At the start of each week, sit down with them and write down assignments, then check their progress during the week. As your kids get older, they will get used to putting their schedule together themselves.

3) Organizing a study area

Who can get any studying done when the phone rings, the TV blares and there’s lots of foot traffic going back and forth? Find a quiet location free of distractions to create a go-to study zone at home.

- Make sure everyone knows there’s some serious studying going on with a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger. Customize and print out on Avery Door Hanger.

- A comfortable chair makes it easy for your child to adapt to their study area and make it a regular place to study. But if it’s too comfy, you might hear a little snoring!

- Keep the study area stocked with essential school supplies such as Avery Hi-Liters® and Avery Glue Stics so your child will have resources on hand without getting up to look for them.

It’s never too early to show kids the benefits of being organized and learning how to study. Be consistent with these basic tips and you can help build great study skills that can last a lifetime.