Organizing Coupons Made Easy
Clipping coupons has become a way of life for many of us and a smart way to save a few bucks. But trying to keep your coupons organized for the weekly trip to the supermarket can be tedious and time consuming—wandering  the aisles fumbling for the right coupon, searching for the expiration date and the right amount of product to purchase, not to mention holding up the checkout line while you sort through your coupons.

So whether you’re a casual Sunday paper clipper or an extreme couponer who grabs every extra coupon you can find, we have a few simple steps you can use to make organizing coupons easy and more efficient.

The Right Binder for the Job

First, you’ll need a three-ring binder. We offer a variety of options to fit your needs. Avery Durable Protect & Store Binders let you keep essential items like scissors, a calculator and pens in a convenient interior pocket so you have them with you at all times. If you’re into extreme couponing, then try Avery Heavy-Duty Binders because they can stand up to the extra punishment you dish out. Or if you prefer something that will easily fit in your purse or recyclable shopping bags, Avery Mini Binders are small, but still offer all the accessories of our big binders to help you organize the way you want.

Protect and Display

The second tool for your coupon arsenal is transparent Avery Business Card Pages or Avery Trading Card Pages. Whichever way you decide to go, your coupons will slide easily into the protective sleeves and larger coupons can be folded in half so the expiration date and product are clearly visible. Sleeves provide ample room for duplicate coupons so you can place them together in the same sleeve and put the one with the nearest expiration date on top. And because the pages are easy to turn, finding the right coupon in its transparent sleeve is simple.

Divide and Organize

Next grab some Avery Write-On Dividers to separate coupons by your desired categories. You can label your dividers with basic categories such as dairy, produce and meats, or separate your pages by stores, categories or products. As your coupon stockpile grows or changes, write-on dividers can be erased and reused.

With our help, you can take the hassle out of clipping and organizing your coupons and start saving money right away!