Family Activity Calendar
Organize Family Schedules with an Activity Calendar
Surprise—there’s an invitation to a birthday party in the mail for both you and your child to attend. But will it conflict with your dentist appointment or your son’s t-ball tournament? Just check your family activity calendar and find out what’s happening at a glance. Place this magnetic calendar on your refrigerator and use the activity magnets to mark appointments, activities and events to help manage busy schedules.

Here’s what you need...

STEP 1: Create your activity calendar using Avery Magnet Sheets.

STEP 2: Download Template
Download the back-to-school activity magnets to put on your monthly calendar.

STEP 3: Personalize
Some of the magnets have editable text so you can personalize it as you wish. Or to use them as is, go straight to print.

STEP 4: Print
Print your calendars and activity magnets on Avery Magnet Sheets.

STEP 5: Mark your calendar
Place the monthly calendar on a magnetic surface such as the refrigerator, that’s located in a central area such as the kitchen. Use the activity magnets to mark dates, and the whole family will be able to keep track of everyone’s schedules.

Look for the holiday activity magnets coming your way in the Avery Newsletter this fall!