Nine Clutter-Busters for a More Organized Year

This is the year to simplify, and we’re here to share ideas on how you can make your life run more smoothly. From managing busy schedules and activities to controlling clutter and paperwork, these tips make it easier to stay on top of your everyday tasks so you can focus on what matters most. Here’s to a more organized year!

Organization Labels

Tip 1: Design, print and organize

Make organization easier with custom labels printed just the way you want. Start with Avery Labels, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and personalize with free templates on Avery Design & Print.
Avery Labels

Tip 2: Stop wasting time hunting down lost items

Items are easier to find when there’s a place for everything, and everything has its place. Use Avery Removable Labels on boxes, bins and containers to assign a home for office supplies, loose receipts and bills.

Avery Removable Labels

Tip 3: Freshen up your files

Want to find out which files you use the most? Each time you use a file, cover up the old file folder label with a new one using Avery File Folder Labels. You’ll be able to tell which files are used often by their updated labels (and which files need to be archived).


Avery File Folder Labels

Tip 4: Use it or lose it

Crack down on unnecessary clutter in your home or office. Sort items into boxes marked “Trash,” “Recycle” or “Donate” using Avery Full-Sheet Labels, and start chucking.

Avery Full-Sheet Labels

Tip 5: Make tax time easier

Relieve tax-time anxiety by simply sorting your paperwork by type before you prepare your taxes. Use Avery File Folder Labels to label folders for general information, income documents and deduction or credit records.

Avery File Folder Labels

Tip 6: Reclaim your space

Documents such as past tax records or business statements might be better off in storage instead of taking up room in your work space. Pack them up in storage boxes labeled with archival-safe Avery Shipping Labels so you know what’s inside.

Avery Shipping Labels

Tip 7: Brighten up your tasks

Use color to create eye-catching reminders in your planner with Avery Removable Round Labels and free templates on Avery Design & Print. Designate a color for different projects, family members or events.

Avery Removable Round Labels

Tip 8: Forget the paper shuffle

Tackle those paper piles on your desk once and for all with labeled binder clips. Print Avery Return Address Labels with an action such as “File,” “Send,” “Read” and “Share” so you’ll know what to do at a glance.

Avery Return Address Labels

Tip 9: What’s old is new again

Save time and money reusing boxes for storing or shipping. Cover up existing labels and marks on old boxes with Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock® Technology and block everything underneath.