Vacation Binder
It’s Not Too Early to Plan Your Spring Fling
Move over winter, springtime’s up ahead! Thoughts of a warm weather getaway are not too far behind. You and your family will enjoy preparing for your next vacation with this trip planner to organize your travel plans, hold maps and store your sightseeing brochures. And the fun doesn’t stop when your trip ends—this trip planner doubles as a scrapbook when you return to hold all your memories inside. Here’s how to put it all together:

1. Pack your plans in a personalized binder

Kick start the planning with a full-color binder of your own design. Just go online to create your Avery Signature Binder featuring photo-quality printing on the back, front and spine. Add a nifty, personalized title for the cover and spine, such as “The Smiths Take Manhattan.” Your custom binder is made in the USA, produced in 3 to 5 business days and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

2. Organize your travel info with customized dividers

Now that you’ve got a place to put together your travel plans, it’s easier to organize your itinerary, hotel reservations and packing checklist for quick reference. Durable Avery Index Maker® Dividers are easy to create online with free Avery Design & Print Online software. Customize your divider tabs and print in full color to make your sections really pop, whether you arrange your plans by day (for example, “Day 1: Fly to JFK”) or by place (such as “Soho” or “Central Park”).

3. Decorate your pages with memorable images

Add a little personality to your trip planner with these charming travel stickers. Print on Avery Sticker Paper, cut them out, and dress up your dividers or use them on your scrapbook pages after the trip. The vintage travel designs are a throwback to a time when luggage used to be adorned with stickers of places visited. Our puffy travel designs are fun for kids of all ages. Avery Sticker Paper is also perfect for printing out vacation photos after the trip—it’s acid-free and lignin-free to help extend the life of the paper.

4. Keep travel essentials in your pocket

Need a handy place to keep your airline tickets, postcard stamps or Metro cards? Just use Avery PocketTabs™ inside your binder, and your essentials are never too far away. The durable, adhesive pocket can be applied to the inside of your binder—but it’s also removable and repositionable should you need to attach it someplace else. The convenient, closeable flap makes sure your contents stay safe inside, and you may want to keep an extra pocket just for your mementoes.

Thaw out the winter blues and get ready for your spring fling. Plan your next trip with this dual-purpose planner and get ready to fill it with warm and happy memories.