Cardboard Boxes
How to Get the Most Out of a Cardboard Box
It’s hard not to take the cardboard box for granted. But with the cost of cardboard on the rise, you’ll want to get the most use out of them as you can. Reusing boxes is not only more economical, it’s easier on the environment, too. Here are some ways you can give new life to your old cardboard boxes and make them look great.

Shipping that goes the distance

If you send out packages often, why not save your old cardboard boxes for future shipments? Just nest them inside each other for space-saving storage until you need them. When you’re ready to ship, trust in a strong, durable label such as Avery WeatherProof Labels to get your packages where they need to go. These labels stand up to extreme weather and temperature conditions and still stay on strong. Addresses are easy to read because the labels are designed to repel moisture and resist scuffs, tears and smudges. You can count on these tough labels for the long or short haul.

Making a greener move

Getting ready to move and got some packing to do? Don’t worry about purchasing new boxes when used boxes can do the trick. By reusing materials, you can cut down on waste, reducing our impact on the environment. Gather up old moving boxes or go to to buy quality used boxes at a significantly lower cost than new ones. To make moving a breeze, label your boxes so you can easily identify what’s inside, whether it’s “kitchen cookbooks” or “garage tools.” With Avery EcoFriendly Shipping Labels and free Avery Wizard Software, you can create custom earth-friendly labels made of 100% recycled material and they’re also paper recyclable. Best of all, no trees are harmed during your move.

Solving the storage box mystery

Ever spent backbreaking hours sifting through identical cardboard boxes in search of something? With its utilitarian design and uniform appearance, it’s hard to tell one cardboard box apart from another, especially when there are stacks of them sitting in your storage or garage. Save yourself the heartache by creating labels that identify the contents inside each box using Avery Permanent I.D. Labels and Avery Design & Print Online. For each label, include a short description, such as “Winter Clothes,” and a visual cue, such as a picture of a jacket or mittens, which you can upload from stock photography sites such as iStockphoto. Now you’ll never have to wonder what’s inside your boxes again.

Think twice before you throw out another cardboard box, and give that sturdy box a second chance to work harder for you. It can save you time and money, and still get the job done. Who’d have thought a simple cardboard box can do so much?