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Getting Ready for School is as Easy as ABC
Summer break is over, which means only one thing—school is back in session! But before your kids sharpen their pencils and crack open their books, you’ll want to make sure everything is in order before the first bell rings. Check out these cool ideas to help your favorite students get organized as they prepare to go back to school.

A is for Assignments

Do your kids have a designated place to organize their assignments and classroom handouts at home? You don’t want them keeping their papers in their backpack, where lessons can get crumpled and ripped. Plus, they may need to refer to those notes later in the school year.

Help your children organize their work throughout the school year by creating a simple filing system. Customize file folders with Avery File Folder Labels so they can organize their schoolwork by class, subject, or specific project, and place these folders on a file folder rack or holder. Your little scholars can reference their paperwork as needed to prepare for big tests and write those reports.

Backpack Design for File Folder Labels
Pencil Design for File Folder Labels
School Bus Design for File Folder Labels

B is for Belongings

The students in your kids’ classes may have similar binders, lunch boxes, and other supplies that can get lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy school day. How can they tell whose is whose?

Make it easy for your kids to identify what’s theirs and avoid any mix-up by marking their personal property. Just personalize these hard-to-miss label designs, print on Avery Round Labels and Avery Address Labels, and attach to their belongings.

Backpack Design -  Round Labels | Address Labels
Pencil Design -  Round Labels | Address Labels
School Bus Design -  Round Labels | Address Labels

C is for Clothing

When your son or daughter brings a jacket to school on a chilly day or if they use a cloth lunch bag, there’s always a chance these items can get misplaced or find their way into Lost & Found.

Personalized articles of clothing and lunch bags can help finders identify the rightful owner. Just add your child’s name to these design templates, print the transfer onto Avery Fabric Transfers, and iron them inside their clothing or cloth lunch bag for easy identification.

Backpack Design for Fabric Transfers
Pencil Design for Fabric Transfers
School Bus Design for Fabric Transfers

As you gear up the family to get ready for school, make it a plan to spend some quality time with your favorite back-to-schoolers to create these easy-to-use, customizable projects together. With items like these to help your children get organized, getting a fresh start to the new school year will be as easy as A-B-C!