Five Ways to Make Your Morning Routine Easier

As soon as we wake up, we’re hurled into the madness of the morning rush. Does it seem like the minutes tick by faster as you get everyone ready for the day? Hey, don’t take it personally—time waits for no one. While we can’t slow down the rotation of the earth, we can make small adjustments to our routine. Take charge of whirlwind mornings with these simple, time-saving ideas.


Save Ten Minutes: Know What to Wear


Outfit Planning

What’s clean? What matches? And what activities will the kids be involved in today? So many factors to consider when choosing outfits, so little time. Instead of facing these decisions each and every morning, make it a habit of planning the weekly wardrobe in advance. Create hanger cards for each day of the week, making it easier to pick clothing or for your kids to find their outfit of the day and get themselves dressed.  

Save Five Minutes: Get Them Packing

Chalkboard Bins

Scrounging around in the pantry for lunch options can whittle away precious morning minutes. Make your a.m. routine easier—teach your kids how to help pack their own lunches the night before with food choices placed in bins. Organize options, portions and the amount of stock in bins labeled with chalkboard labels so it’s easy to erase and update when the contents inside the bins change.

Save Five Minutes or More: Use a “Grab-and-Go” Station

Wall Pockets

You walk out of the house only to realize you’ve forgotten to take the outgoing mail with you. Or you’ve sent your child off to school without the permission slip due that day. Set up these wall pockets in your home to tuck in all those important items, and watch what happens—no more double-tracking in the doorway, u-turns on the road or slaps to the forehead when you finally remember what you’ve left behind.

Save 10 Minutes: Settle the “What’s for Dinner” Debate

Dry Erase Decal

Making meals requires preparation—but if you don’t know what you’re serving that evening, it makes it a little tricky to pick up the missing ingredients you’ll need. Plan out your meals for the week on a strategically placed dry erase decal, then give it a quick eyeball or take a snapshot on your phone before you leave the house so you’ll know what to shop for on your way home.

Save the Day: Stay Organized with a Personal Planner

Personal Planner

Keep organized everywhere you go with a portable planner. The Avery Mini Binder can be filled with to-do lists and meal planners to help you stay on top of events, appointments and household activities —and conveniently fits inside a purse or tote bag. Add a customized binder cover to personalize your own little organizer.

Take control of the daily time crunch! With some planning and helpful organization products, you can manage your morning minutes—and get a great start every day.