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Family Cookbook
Create a Family Cookbook
Every family has their favorite food dishes: there’s Aunt Mae’s “disappearing” chocolate cake, Dad’s secret recipe burgers, the kids’ favorite spaghetti sauce, and Mom’s once-a-year Thanksgiving stuffing. Why not collect all these treasured recipes in a family cookbook? It’s easy to do, and fun to put together.

Collect the Family Recipes

The first step is to gather your family recipes. You may want to ask your family members to contribute favorites they’ll want included. Print copies of the recipes or photocopy them onto decorative paper from a craft or stationery store.

Highlight with Photos and Stories

If you have the time to make your cookbook look really special, include family photos inside. Place a picture of Grandma holding her award-winning berry pie next to her “secret” recipe. Or if a recipe has an interesting story behind it, add the story beside the recipe. Scan a favorite family photo or take a snapshot of Mom cooking in the kitchen to use for the title page of the cookbook.

Organize into Categories

Divider tabs can organize your recipes and make them easier to find. Have fun and get creative with the categories you use: “Nibbles” can categorize appetizer recipes and “Comfort Food” for home-cooked favorites… you get the idea. Avery® Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers with Easy Apply™ labels and free Avery Templates make it easy to enter the tab descriptions and print multiple sets of dividers if you’re putting more than one cookbook together. With the Easy Apply Label Sheet, you can label a full set of divider tabs all at once, and the clear labels virtually disappear for a custom, printed-on look. See more on how our Index Maker Clear Label Dividers work.

Put It All Together

Since these cookbooks are sure to get lots of use, keep your recipes safe in durable Avery Easy Access Reference Binders, and protect the pages from accidental spills with Avery Sheet Protectors. Select a binder size that’s more than enough to hold all your pages, because you’ll want to add more recipes as the years go by. You can also customize your binder in minutes using our Templates. You’ll find a wide range of pre-designed templates so you can create customized binder covers, title pages, and spines.

The family cookbook is more than just a cookbook. It’s a way to capture family memories. It can be a gift from one generation to another. And most of all, it’s something that can continue to grow as you add more treasured recipes throughout the years.

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