Young Girl Going Back to School
Are Your Kids Ready to Return to School After the Holidays?
Now that the holidays are over and school is right around the corner, it’s time to get the kids motivated and back into the school routine. Easier said than done, right? But it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle—just get the kids involved, and it can help ease them into back-to-school mode before the break is over. Here are some ideas to get the kids focused, motivated, and ready for school.

Refresh school supplies

It seems like eons ago when the kids rushed home from school to start their winter break, and backpacks got shoved into closets. Now’s the time to dig out those backpacks, take inventory together, and see what supplies they’ll need to tackle the rest of the school year.

- See a lot of loose papers and worn folders stuffed in their backpacks? It’s time for them to consider using a binder. Avery Binders make it easy for kids to keep their homework, test papers, and notes in one specific place. And with a variety of colors and sizes available, they can choose the one that fits their style best, or assign a separate binder for each subject.

- Not sure how to start organizing that binder? Try Avery Durable Write-On Plastic Dividers. The large tabs have a writeable surface so kids can customize their dividers easily with a ballpoint pen or pencil. And whether they want to rename their dividers, or have a new schedule of classes and want to reuse them, they can simply erase the tab and write in the new subject.

Establish good study habits

Heading back to school also means getting back on a school schedule. Take some time with your kids to discuss how the daily routine will change when they return to school, and make it easier to make the transition with these tips.

- Make sure their study zone is free of distractions. Their desk and computer should be in a quiet place where you can monitor it. Time to turn off Facebook, iChat, cellphones, TVs and all other distractions that keep kids from fully focusing on the task at hand.

- Designate a set time for studying. Whether it’s a certain hour of the afternoon or right after dinner, establish a time dedicated to studying each day. You won’t believe the difference it makes and kids actually like the structure. They want to do well, too!

- Keep their desk stocked with study tools. Avery HI-LITER® markers are a must-have for highlighting text. Set up a whiteboard and Avery Marks-A-Lot® Dry Erase Markers in their study area so they can write down current assignments, upcoming tests and school events.
Switching from holiday mode to school mode can be easier with a little preparation. And when you get the kids involved by thinking of the supplies they’ll need and setting up their study area, they’ll have a head start in establishing good organization skills that will help them get in gear for the rest of the school year.