Holiday Organizer
The Holiday Organizer is Your Little Helper
The holiday season can be a busy time, but there’s a way you can remain calm, cool and collected. What’s the secret? Having a holiday organizer at your fingertips! The holiday organizer is a planner, tracker and filing system all in one. Manage all your holiday tasks, keep track of your mailing lists and always have your supplies on hand.

To create your organizer, start with an Avery Heavy Duty Binder. With its sturdy construction, you can keep everything inside safe and secure. Next, use Avery Dividers to organize your information into sections. The tabs make it easy to flip to the section you want. Avery Sheet Protectors can hold all your mailing labels, and Avery Vinyl File Envelopes are ideal for storing stamps and other loose items. To create a handy pocket, just 3-hole punch the long side of the envelope and insert into your binder.

Use your holiday organizer to stay on top of anything that needs your attention during this busy time of year. Here are some suggestions for what you might include:

Organize your time with a planner

Keep track of your busy schedule with a personal planner on hand. Just create a weekly or monthly calendar and insert the pages into your organizer. You’ll be able to view your social engagements, meetings and appointments at a glance, and better manage your time.

Get stuff done with a to-do list

Ever find yourself making lists of things to do on scraps of paper, then have trouble trying to find them later? There’s the grocery list for the big holiday meal. There’s a gift list for the kids. There’s also a list of last-minute errands you need to run. Give all your lists a place to call home by reserving a spot in your organizer. You’ll never have to hunt for those little scraps of paper again.

Capture gift ideas

Here’s a place to keep track of who’s been naughty or nice. Create a gift tracker section in your organizer to write down gift ideas for everyone on your list. As you find the right gift for each person, you can cross it off your list. Use this section to also keep track of gifts you may receive, making it easier to write your thank you notes. Use the Vinyl File Envelope to store thank you cards, envelopes and stamps so they’re ready to use when you need them.

Keep memorable cards, update mailing lists

If you exchange holiday greeting cards each year, the card organizer section is just what you need. Keep your mailing lists here and update it throughout the year. Create your holiday return address labels with Avery Easy Peel Address Labels and new Holiday Pre-designed Templates for the Avery Wizard Software for Microsoft® Office. Then, store your return address labels for your holiday greetings inside Avery Sheet Protectors so they’re ready when you need them. A Vinyl File Envelope also comes in handy when you want to hold onto special holiday cards you may receive such as personal photo greetings from family and friends.