Thanksgiving Leftovers
Stress-busting Tips to Plan Your Thanksgiving
The holiday season is about to kick off with the family-favorite Thanksgiving dinner. Why not head off that holiday stress by planning ahead? With these helpful hints and time-saving tips, we can help you take care of your tasks so you can relax, enjoy the holiday and spend more quality time with your guests.

So much to do, and how to stay on top of it all

From invite lists and shopping lists to menu planning and food prep, there are plenty of “to-dos” running through your head. Use Avery Dry Erase To-Do Lists to help you keep track of everything.
These convenient to-do lists are reusable— simply write, erase clean, and write again. They’re also removable—peel the sheet off without worry of leaving any residue on the surface. And with two sheets in each pack, you’ll always have another list handy.

  Save a step with early food prep

With Thanksgiving Day fast approaching, you can save a lot of time in the kitchen with a little advanced planning. Think about slicing, dicing and preparing the ingredients for your favorite recipes the day before, then storing them in a containers marked with Avery Dry Erase Labels.  Removable and reusable, they’ll keep you organized and ready for the big cooking day.

A plan to pack up those leftovers (if there are any!)

After your successful and joyous meal, you might have leftovers to send home with family and friends. No need to squabble over who gets what—Avery Freezer-Safe Food Container Labels are perfect for marking take home containers when it’s time to leave. The versatile labels are dishwasher and microwave safe, with spaces to write down the item, date and cooking instructions. No more mystery food! These labels make leftovers easy to identify in a packed freezer or fridge.

A little planning and organization can help with the hustle and bustle, and give you more time to enjoy the holiday. Get ready to make this Thanksgiving holiday your best yet!