Holiday Mailing & Shipping
Readers’ Top Ten Mailing and Shipping Tips
So you’ve probably heard Avery is in the labels business. But we don’t make ordinary labels that just plain stick. Our innovative labels are packed with unique features and designed for unbeatable performance. Plus, they’re durable, customizable, and smudge free and jam free—guaranteed. To help you during the busiest mailing and shipping season of the year, we gathered ten tips from our readers on how they get the most out of their Avery Labels!

1) Create a custom-printed look
- Avery Easy Peel® Clear Labels make your envelopes look custom printed… our members thought the labels were custom-made right on the envelopes (that makes me look good!). ~ JacqueK

2) Do double-duty addressing
- Use an Avery Shipping Label to include both the return and forwarding addresses. ~ Gkkville - You can set them up by putting the return address on top and the addressee on the bottom, or type them as you go. ~ Froggboots

3) Use custom-fitted labels for different sized packages
- I sell online and ship many different size packages. The Avery Full-Sheet Shipping Labels are great because you can custom fit them to meet your needs. I even use the scrap pieces for craft projects. ~ Barb1961

4) Quick and easy label-making with templates
- By setting up the Avery Template and being able to print out on the printer, we can produce multiple labels at one time. And if different information is needed, it’s easy to make changes to the template! I love the templates available for your whole line of label products. ~ gak57

5) The “proof” is in the label
- I sell on eBay® and Avery Shipping Labels with Paper Receipts are a staple in my home office. I love the fact that there is a paper receipt which I staple to my eBay® receipt and have proof “verification” of when my item shipped and to what customer it went to… it’s a must have for anyone who sells online! ~ DebDodge

6) Automatic do-over
- Finally, a label that can be repositioned. There are times entire envelopes have been thrown away because the label had an error. Now with Avery Repositionable Labels, materials once headed for the recycle bin can now be reclaimed. ~ DebbieT

7) Mailing newsletters and brochures
- We send out over 500 newsletters every month, and it can be a very stressful time. We had been closing the newsletters using tape, but parents complained that their newsletters would rip when they attempted to open them. Avery Print or Write Mailing Seals are so simple to use, and it made our newsletters look more professional. I highly recommend these for mail closure, especially if you send out brochures or tri-fold newsletters! ~ MissShawn

8) No more stubborn labels
- I love the Easy Peel® Technology with Avery Easy Peel® Labels. No more pinching and tearing up the corners trying to get the labels off the page! ~ Travlnana

9) Practice makes perfect
- It comes out perfect if you align everything correctly. So… like I always say… print a practice sheet first!! ~ aznstickerlvr

10) Versatility in a label
- Our company has three different logos that we use for separate divisions within the company. Whether sending out welcome packages, bids or using them on our marketing materials, I get a professional, polished look with Avery Easy Peel® Clear Address Labels. And because we use three different logos, it’s easy to pull a few sheets, print a set of labels, and distribute them to those who need them in the company. The quality of this label is so good, it’s hard to tell you’re using a label! ~ gabrielle

Count on Avery Labels to help you get all your mailings and packages ready to go. 75 years in the label business, Avery delivers products and solutions to make your tasks easier.