How to Throw a Stars & Stripes Celebration

Want to throw a sizzling Fourth of July party this year but worried about the hassle? Don’t sweat it—organizing a party doesn’t have to be a lot of hard work. These party planning tips can help you create a celebration that’s easy to put together and won’t be a dud.

Easy-to-make invites
Striking invitations can build excitement for your party, and you don’t have to be a professional designer to create them. Invitations are a snap with Avery Note Cards, which come with matching envelopes. And with free Avery Design & Print Online, you can choose from a variety of pre-designed templates and designs to create your own personalized invite. For an added extra touch, create  Avery Address Labels with your same chosen design theme.

Use simple items to decorate

Looking for an affordable way to decorate? Drape inexpensive red and blue streamers from arbors and awnings. For tabletops, fill clear containers with red and blue water and add white carnations. Over time, the carnations will absorb the colored water and turn red or blue. Don't want to mess with food coloring?  Add red, white and blue marbles to your vases. Another way to add a patriotic vibe is by picking up a bundle of small American flags from an arts and crafts store and decorating your yard or walkway by sticking them into the ground or in planters.

All-American grub

What’s a party without the food? And we’re not talking about mystery meat or questionable cole slaw. Whether you decide to provide munchies or host a potluck, everyone will appreciate knowing what they’re putting on their plate. There’s no question as to what’s what when each food item is clearly identified with a Avery Tent Cards. These cards also make it easy to call out certain dishes, such as vegetarian plates or food that contain nuts. If you’re hosting a potluck, you may want to ask your guests when they RSVP what they’re planning to bring so you can print the cards ahead of time. And be sure to continue your same design theme across your buffet using Design & Print.

Have fun with a raffle

Life, liberty and the pursuit of… prizes. Throwing a raffle is a fun way to supercharge the gang. Use Avery Tickets with Tear-Away Stubs and present a ticket to each guest when they arrive and place their stub in a fishbowl for the drawing. When it’s time to do the raffle, start off with small prizes and work your way up to the grand prize to build up the anticipation.

We all have our own unique ways of displaying our patriotic side. Celebrate your Independence Day holiday the star-spangled way, with a little help from Avery.