Holiday Mailing Labels
Holiday Mailings in Minutes
It’s that time of year again when you send out personal greeting cards to all your family and friends. Have you ever addressed the envelopes by hand with the best of intentions, but found that by the tenth envelope your hand is so tired, your writing starts looking more like a scribble? Or had so many envelopes to address, some greetings didn’t make it out on time?

That’s where mailing labels come in handy. It’s easy to address all your holiday mailings with labels, and make the envelope look as personal and inviting on the outside as the greeting card it holds inside.

Go from Mailing List to Mailing Labels

Sure, some people still hand address their personal greeting cards. But the truth is, creating a mailing list on your computer and printing address labels saves you time and effort, yet still gives your mailings that personal touch. Just choose a font that fits your style and print your addresses on Avery Easy Peel™ Clear Mailing Labels.

See how easy it is to go from mailing list to address labels with our step-by-step guide. Now instead of spending your time writing addresses, you can use it to write personal notes instead.

Design Personality into Your Envelope

Instead of labeling your envelopes with just the name and address, consider adding a little festive touch with holiday graphics. Decorate your mailing labels and return address labels with holiday lights, ornaments, or even snowmen images using the free Avery Wizard Software for Microsoft® Office with holiday images. It includes a wide selection of holiday-themed designs that are easy to use. The Avery Wizard guides you step by step through designing and printing your Avery products with Microsoft® Word. Learn how to design and print holiday address labels and matching holiday return address labels like a pro with our step-by-step guides.

Send Greetings with Photo Return Address Labels

Set the tone for your holiday greetings by adding a personal photo to your return address labels. Whether it’s a photo of the kids, the family pet, or even a picture from your last vacation, the labels are sure to put a smile on your recipients’ faces even before they open the envelope. And making these labels is so fun and easy to do, you’ll want create them all year-round. Check out our step-by-step guide, which walks you through creating your own photo return address labels.

Get the Edge on Labels

After you’ve designed your labels, you still have to apply them to your stack of envelopes. Remember when you had to struggle to find the edge of the label to peel it from the sheet? You’ll find applying labels are a breeze when you print them on Avery Easy Peel Mailing Labels. Just print your labels, separate the sheets into columns, and grab the edge of the label to peel and apply. It’s fast and easy. Find out how Avery Easy Peel Mailing Labels work.

Holiday mailings don’t have to be a chore. With these suggestions, mailing your seasonal greetings can be done in minutes—and you’ll have more time to enjoy the holidays.