Holiday Decorations
Enjoy the Gift of an Organized Holiday
The holiday countdown is on! With just a few more things to hit on your “to do” list, you’re on a holiday (jelly) roll and almost at your goal—the opportunity to wind down at the end of the year and relax with your family and friends. Here are just a handful of helpful organization hints to make it through the homestretch this year, and make it even easier on yourself next year. Go on and take a peek:

How to keep track of your family and friends (or, making room in your brain for other stuff)

It’s that time of year when it’s fun to check the mailbox and look for season’s greetings from family and friends. As you exchange holiday cards this time of year, keep track of information about family and friends with a simple spreadsheet. It’ll help you in more ways than one:

- Update names and addresses. Whether the people in your life have moved, married, or welcomed a new addition to the family, you’ll have a place to keep the information current all year round.

- Stay on top of the little ones’ ages and everyone’s hobbies and interests. Add a column to jot notes so you’ll have a reference to go to for gift ideas that are age-appropriate and practical.  

- Create a mailing shortcut. Make it easier to send post-holiday “thank you” notes by mail merging your address list onto printable Avery Labels using the free Avery Design & Print Online program. Plus, you’ll be all set for next year when it comes time to address your holiday greetings again.

How to make the most of your kitchen-time (and focus on creating fabulous holiday foods)

How convenient—as the temperature drops outside, one of the best places to be is the warm and cozy kitchen inside! Whether you’re prepping to bake for school, gifts, and parties, or even planning an elaborate holiday meal for your loved ones, these little organization tips can help make your kitchen time run smoothly.

- Freeze now, bake later. In anticipation of the baking and cooking madness that’s to come, prep items such as cookie dough or soups early and store them in the freezer. Just mark your containers with freezer-safe Avery Durable I.D. Labels, and add the baking or reheating instructions to make it easier to whip them up later.

How to solve the holiday decorations mystery (or, what to do when the string of lights say, “let’s knot”)

Reuniting with your holiday decorations a year later can feel like a crash course in investigative work. Which box holds the tree topper? What ornaments survived from last year? And why does that tangled ball of lights get bigger (and harder to unravel) every time? Do yourself a favor with these nifty tips on getting them all organized this year, and thank yourself next year.

- Control the crazed cord of lights. Face it, you’ve got incredible patience if you can get those holiday lights back in the box they came in. Try this instead: identify where each string of lights should go, such as the “tree,” “foyer,” or “stairway,” with customizable, heat-resistant Avery Printable Cord Tags. When it's time to pack them up, just wrap the string around cardboard with slits on opposite sides so you can tuck in the ends, then pop each set into a bag or plastic container to keep them dry during the year.

- Save that thought. Like how your decorating endeavors turned out this year? Take a snapshot of your décor and place it in your holiday decorations box so you’ll have a jumping off point for next year.

A little organization can help you enjoy the holidays the way they’re meant to be enjoyed—happy and relaxed, not frazzled and exhausted. Make hectic holidays a thing of the past with a little help from Avery.