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Thanksgiving Placecard
Cozy Ideas for a Festive Thanksgiving
It’s the holiday we all love and look forward to. So this year, make it more memorable than ever with some extra-special thoughtful touches.

Unique Place Settings

Nothing is more welcoming than a personalized place setting, and it’s easy to put together with a little creativity. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The Pumpkin Place
Buy an array of miniature pumpkins and gourds at your local grocery store. With a sharp knife, cut a ¼” slit towards the top of each one. Print each guest’s name on Avery Clean Edge Business Cards. Place one card in each gourd and set a welcoming and festive place setting.

A Photo Place Setting
Nothing is warmer than a family picture, so how about creating place settings that incorporate a favorite photo? Just use Avery Design & Print Online to add a favorite family photo on an Avery Postcard, leaving room at the top or bottom to print each guest’s name.

Menu Memento
Print each guest’s name on an Avery Postcard. Beneath their name, print the Thanksgiving menu for this year.

3-D Place Setting
Buy some festive and inexpensive Thanksgiving decorations at your local craft store. Look for turkeys, pilgrims, pumpkins or any other symbols of the season. Print each guest’s name in a decorative typeface on Avery Clean Edge Business Cards. Then glue a small decoration to the card for a personalized and fun place setting.

An Artful Idea
Print each guest’s name on an Avery Tent Card. Gather a selection of crayons or markers in fall colors like brown and red and orange. Let the young children decorate the tent cards before dinner. It keeps the kids busy and makes a great memento.

Picture Perfect
Find some Thanksgiving or autumn images. You can get free images on Or, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can also download more free images at iStockphoto as part of an exclusive offer for Avery customers. Then use the Avery Wizard software for Microsoft® Office to insert that image, along with each guest’s name onto an Avery Tent Card. The process is easy when you use the Avery Wizard and in no time you’ll have place settings people will want to take home with them!

Labeling Leftovers

Everyone appreciates going home with some leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner. So this year, why not plan ahead and prepare festive containers to send home with everyone? Start with some inexpensive Chinese take-out boxes or plastic containers in holiday colors. Then create decorative labels that describe what’s inside, i.e., “Yummy Thanksgiving Leftovers” or “Leftovers for Kanna.” Then print using Avery White Permanent ID Labels, which will hold up well even in the freezer.

Create a Customized Holiday Cookbook

Every family has their favorite holiday recipes, so this year, why not memorialize them in a special holiday cookbook. Start by gathering favorite holiday recipes from family and friends. Make printed copies of each. Then organize the recipes into categories. For a great presentation, house your recipe collection in an Avery Signature Binder. You can custom-design and print your own binders with family photos and fun graphics right on the binder cover in full color. You’ll find easy templates and backgrounds to use at and you can order as many or few binders as you need. Then use Avery Index Maker Clear Label Dividers with Easy Apply Labels to create the categories you need. These personalized cookbooks will make unique and cherished holiday gifts.

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