Cookie Jar Gifts

Create a Personalized Cookie-In-A-Jar Gift

Do you have a favorite cookie recipe that everyone loves, but you're just not ready to give up the recipe? Then cookies-in-a-jar is the next best thing, and a great gift idea. It can be stored and easily prepared whenever the urge strikes. Each mason jar holds all the dry ingredients to your to-die-for cookie recipe. All they need to do is add fresh butter, eggs and vanilla, then bake. Here’s how you can create these personalized gifts for your friends and family, and capture a little homemade goodness in a jar.

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Step 1: Choose Your Cookie Recipe

Instructions: Select a cookie recipe that you know is one of their favorites. You can also find many cookie-in-a-jar recipes online.

Step 2: Open Labels/Tags Template

Instructions: Click to open a template on Avery Design & Print Online. This free software program at is available anywhere you have internet access—no download required!

Round Labels

Printable Tags

Step 3: Personalize Labels/Tags

Instructions: Design: Keep the current design, or create your own. To change the design, just click and delete the existing graphic or background you want to change, then use the image options on the left of the screen to add a new graphic from the image gallery or your own files.

Text: Click the text box to enter your text. To add a new text box, click the New Text button from the Text menu on the left.  Move your text boxes by clicking on the edge of the box and dragging it to just the right spot.

Use the sheet navigator on the right-hand side and choose Edit All to make changes to all your labels/tags, such as changing the text style and size.  Then, to apply a different design and/or text to individual labels/tags, choose Edit One and click on the label/tag you want to edit.

Tip: Print your holiday message on the Square Labels, show the type of cookie and add the “to” and from” using the Round Labels, and include the cookie instructions on the Printable Tag.

Step 4: Preview & Print

Instructions: Click Preview & Print to review your design. To make adjustments, just click the Back button. When your design is ready to go, just click the green Print button to open the file. Your labels/tags are ready to be printed.

Step 5: Save

Instructions: To save your design, click the Save button. In the pop-up window, create a file name and save to either a free MyAvery account online or to your computer. To open saved projects, just go to

Step 6: Assemble Your Ingredients

Instructions: Fill each mason jar with the ingredients per recipe, then seal tight with the lid. Wipe up any spillage so the jar is clean.

Step 7: Attach the Labels and Tags

Instructions: Wrap a strip of festive wrapping paper or decorative ribbon around the jar, then attach a square label over the loose ends and affix to the jar.

Place the round label on the lid.

Attach the tag using the enclosed string around the neck of the jar and tighten the quick latch fastener to secure.

Your cookie-in-a-jar gift is ready to go!