Avery® HI-LITER® Pen-Style, Highlighters, Assorted Colors (1 Fl. Yellow, 1 Fl. Green, 1 Fl. Pink, 1 Fl. Orange, 1 Fl. Purple, 1 Fl. Blue), Box of 6 (23585)

Product Number: 23585
Get vibrant read-through colors with these HI-LITER Pen-Style highlighters. Our SmearSafe™ protection keeps ink from smearing when highlighting across most pens, markers and inkjet inks.* The durable 1/5" chisel tip provides smooth highlighting and won’t fray or mush. Once applied, the quick drying, nontoxic ink is water and rub resistant and safe for school, office and home. You can even leave the cap off for up to a week without it drying out. *Let ink dry before highlighting
  • Highlighters with vibrant read-through color
  • SmearSafe™ protection across most pen, marker & inkjet inks*
  • Smoothly highlight or underline
  • Durable 1/5” chisel tip won’t fray
  • Cap can be left off for one week without drying out

Price: $5.19

Product Description:
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