Industrial Direct
Thermal Labels


Industrial Aplications

Create easy-to-read direct thermal labels from your industrial printer

Avery Industrial Direct Thermal Labels are ideal for high-volume printing, or one label at a time. Print clear, reader-friendly direct thermal labels from your industrial printer—no ink, toner or ribbon required. Great for shipping and case labels, barcodes, inventory tagging, addressing and general identification around the workplace.

  • Excellent for high-volume printing; easy to create and print one label or thousands at a time.
  • Compatible with Zebra®, Intermec®, Brady®, Sato® and Datamax® industrial direct thermal printers
  • Made of high-quality, smooth material and features a permanent adhesive
  • Use free Avery software and templates at or existing labeling software
  • Available on 3” core and fanfold options

Create custom labels with our free software

Avery Design & Print makes it easy to create customizable labels with free pre-designed and blank templates.

Add a logo to your labels: Insert and position images onto your templates
Create a barcode system for tracking: Generate your own unique barcodes or QR codes instantly
Print required labels on demand: Create as many labels as you need, when you need them-right from your desktop