Avery® Self-Adhesive Laminating Roll 73610, 24" x 600" Roll

Product Number: 73610
For quick laminating needs, these easy-to-use Laminating Roll is the ideal tool. The entire roll is coated with self-adhesive for convenient, inexpensive lamination. Simply use the included grid to size the document, place the document on the adhesive side of one sheet, lay the second sheet adhesive side down to seal the other side of the document and trim the edges. Soon you'll have a beautifully laminated document that looks professional and will stand the test of time.
  • Seals important documents for convenient long-term protection
  • Self-adhesive with special easy-peel backing
  • Grid helps you quickly and easily size documents

Price: $67.10

Product Description:
  • 1 Roll
  • 24" x 600"

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