Avery® Disappearing Color Permanent Glue Stic for Envelopes 134, Pack of 3

Product Number: 00134
Discover a fast and elegant way to seal your correspondence. With this Disappearing Color Glue Stic for Envelopes, your envelopes are sealed without a single lick. The glue goes on purple to show exactly where you've applied it, then dries clear. Seal envelopes, glue on stamps or even make your own designer envelopes, and the Glue Stic's permanent adhesive ensures your mail stays securely closed. The glue washes out of clothing and the nontoxic formula allows safe use by children. Plus, they're ACMI certified and conform to ASTM D 4236.With this Glue Stic in hand, you've got your envelopes licked.
  • Permanent glue keeps envelopes securely sealed without unsanitary licking
  • Designed for sealing envelopes, gluing on stamps, creating designer envelopes and more
  • Glue goes on purple and dries clear
  • Washes out of clothing for easy cleaning
  • Nontoxic formula allows safe use by children

Price: $3.25

Product Description:
  • Purple
  • Regular Stick, 0.26 oz
  • Permanent-Adhesive
  • Washable

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