Avery® Big Tab™ Two-Pocket Insertable Plastic Dividers 11907, 8-Tab Set

Product Number: 11907
Strong organization and storage capabilities are yours with the help of these Big Tab™ Two-Pocket Insertable Plastic Dividers. Each divider features double plastic pockets, one on each side of the divider, to provide extra storage space for your important papers. The Big Tab™ design allows you to use larger fonts or more lines of text than on typical inserts for easier reading or more detailed labeling. Use a free template from avery.com to print tabs titles onto the included label sheets using your computer and printer. The tabs' unique design keeps inserts from falling out, so your dividers stay securely labeled. Constructed with durable plastic, these dividers offer lasting organization in a big way.
  • Big Tab™ tabs are larger than typical tabs, allowing you to use bigger fonts or more lines of text on each insert
  • Unique tab design features a secure indent point to keep inserts from falling out
  • Eight insertable tabs come in assorted eye-catching colors
  • Create custom professional-looking tabs with free templates at avery.com
  • Durable plastic withstands long-term use

Price: $6.77

Product Description:
  • Laser/Inkjet
  • 8 Tabs or Sheets per Set
  • 9" x 11"
  • Multicolor
  • 3-Hole Punched

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