How to Create an Avery Template Website for Your DSA

In just a few simple steps you can create a custom template website for your DSA organization that will allow your consultants to print marketing products such as business cards, labels and brochures, while maintaining brand consistency.

Step 1: Create an Email Address for Your Business

Create a new email address just for your business’s Avery templates website.

Step 2: Register for a MyAvery Account

Go to and create a MyAvery account for your new email. Make the password simple and memorable as you will be sharing this with your reps.

Step 3: Sign in to the Avery Sample Site

Log out of your account and sign in to the Avery DSA sample site using the email: and password: averydsa.

Step 4: Design Your Templates

Create your business’ designs using Avery Design & Print Online at You can start by customizing the designs saved on our DSA sample site, or you can use our blank templates.

Step 5: Save Template Designs to Your Computer

IMPORTANT! Save designs to your computer, NOT to our sample site.

Step 6: Add Your Templates to Your New MyAvery Account

Once you’ve created your designs for the Avery products you want, log out of our DSA sample account and log in to your new MyAvery account you created in Step 2. Click to open a project from your computer and save each template to your business account.

Step 7: Share Your Website with Your Consultants

Share the log-in information for your business’ MyAvery account with your consultants, and let them personalize their products from your saved templates. Be sure to tell them to save their personalized templates to their own computer and NOT to your company’s MyAvery account.
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