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Avery Universal Package Tracker Beta Frequently Asked Questions



General Information

Does the Avery® Universal Package Tracker cost anything?
No, the tracker is free to use.

How many packages can I track at a time?
You can track up to 50 packages at this time.

How current is the status information on the dashboard?
The information is received from the carrier each time you refresh your screen or log in to the application.

Where does the tracking information come from and how do I know it’s accurate?
The information is received directly from the carrier. When you log in and/or refresh the dashboard the most current information is displayed.

Which carriers are supported?
Currently you can track packages from UPS®, Federal Express® and USPS®. We are planning to expand this list in future updates.

In the fields for Recipient and Notes why does it say (optional)?
You do not have to enter any information in these fields. If you track many packages, it is often helpful to have this information on the dashboard and you can sort by these fields also.

Do I need to enter this information to track my package?
No, all you need is a tracking number.

Can I track a package with a recipient name or reference number only?
You need to have a package tracking number.

If I register to use the tracker will I receive junk mail?
No, we do not sell, rent, or lease our customer lists to third parties.


If you need further assistance, please call Avery Software Support at (888) 835-8379.