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Avery Templates Everywhere Scan Contacts Screen
How to Scan Contacts Using the Avery Templates Everywhere App

To scan a contact for importing into your iPhone® or iPad® 2 contact list, touch Scan Contacts from the Home screen.

Pictures can be taken and retaken as needed. After taking a picture, you will see the Adjust Picture screen. On the Adjust Picture screen, zoom and center your photo, then touch Done.

The picture is then processed and the results are loaded into the corresponding fields of your new contact. Fields can be edited or moved. Additional fields can also be added. If the first and last name matches an existing contact, saving will prompt you to create a new contact or merge this data together.


If there is no camera on your iOS device, then you will be directed to your photo gallery to select and image.

Use the Rotate function on the Adjust Picture screen to position your text so that it is reading left to right.

Use the Center and Zoom functions on the Adjust Picture screen so that only the desired text for importing is visible.

Hold the camera steady.

Handwritten or blurry pictures will return unintelligible text that can be deleted or replaced.

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