How to Save a Template in Avery Design & Print Online
How to Save a Template in Avery Design & Print Online

When you have finished formatting your template, click the Preview & Print button. The Print screen appears.

You can Print the project and finish working with the project. Or you can Save the project and then print.

Option 1:

Click Save to save the project. The Save dialog box appears. If the following dialog box appears, you are either not logged into your MyAvery account or do not have an account.

If you are logged into your account, the following dialog box will appear.

Select MyAvery Online Account to save the project online. Projects saved in Avery Design & Print Online can be accessed from any computer.

Select My Computer to save the project to your computer.

Click Save. The project is saved and can be opened from Avery Design & Print Online at a later time. Be sure to remember what you named your .avery file and where you saved it on your computer.

Option 2:

Click on My Computer to save your project to your computer hard drive.

Click Download in the Download dialog box.

A Save As window will appear. Click Save to save your project to your computer. You can also rename your project before you save it.

Make a note to remember where you saved your project on your computer. You will need to return to the Start Page to open your saved project.

At any point, you can click on the Help button in the program for more instructions.