No More Trips to the Post Office™

Easily turn your Avery labels into U.S. postage with

  • Design your label using
    Avery Design & Print Online
  • Print your address labels, then print your matching® postage labels
  • Peel and affix your address and postage labels to the envelope!

With Avery Design & Print Online you can easily purchase USPS® First-Class™ postage and print it on Avery 30-per-sheet address labels using a® account.

  • Print your address and postage labels in a few easy steps
  • Simply print and affix to envelopes
  • Only buy as much postage as you need ($10 minimum)
  • No fees
  • Use an existing® account or simply create a new one

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Select 5160 or 8160 after launching Design & Print Online

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Currently, postage printing will only work on a PC running a Windows® operating system. Mac® operating systems are not supported at this time.

Adobe® Programs: You will need Adobe® Reader® 9.0 or higher and Adobe® Flash® Player 10.3 or higher. Click below to download either of them for free.

Get Adobe Reader     Get Adobe Flash

Browsers: Postage printing does not work with the Safari® browser at this time due to a technical issue. Please use Firefox®, Internet Explorer® or Chrome® (You will need to disable the PDF viewer in Chrome and use the Adobe® Reader® plugin to print).