How to Format an Avery Template Built-in to Microsoft Word
How to Format an Avery Template Built-in to Microsoft Word

Enter your information on the label sample in the Envelopes and Labels window. Choose to either print a full sheet of the same label, or a single label and its location on the label sheet. Click the New Document button. Your label will appear in the Microsoft® Word document.

Highlight the text you entered and use the tools in Microsoft® Word to format the text.

Click the Insert tab in the Ribbon Toolbar to insert your own image, clip art, shapes and more.

Select the image in the template and click the Page Layout tab in the Ribbon Toolbar. Then click Text Wrapping and select In Front of Text in the drop-down list.

How to create a sheet of all the same labels:

Using Blank Templates:

1. Insert your information on the 1st label.

2. Highlight all the content in the first label, right-click and select Copy.

3. Position the cursor in the next label, right-click and select Paste.

4. Continue with step 3 until all labels are filled with your information.

Using Pre-Designed Templates:

1. Use the Microsoft® Word Find and Replace formatting tool to replace all the pre-designed template text in each label with your own information.

How to add a page to your label sheet:

1. Position the cursor on the outside of the last label on the bottom right of the page and press the Enter key.

How to design the back side of a two-sided Avery product:

1. To design the back side of a two-sided Avery product, you will need to open the same template and save it as a separate project.

When you are finished formatting your template, click the Save As icon on the toolbar to name and save your project on your computer.