Dividers and Binders FAQs

1. What if I need a set of dividers in a binder that has sheet protectors?

Avery manufactures Extra-Wide Dividers including Ready Index Table of Contents and Index Maker Clear Label Dividers. Both products are available in 5 and 8 tab.

2. How do I know which Avery divider set will work best with the Avery binder I purchased?

Avery has devised a system which assists consumers with what binder/ divider/ sheet protector tandem will benefit them the most. This system is called PRS: Presentation, Reference and Storage. Each product will have a designated letter which helps provide the best solution for which product you may need. For example, if you have a presentation which requires a set of dividers and a binder, simply look for the letter "P" on the front of the product which designates presentation.

3. How do I apply Avery Index Maker Easy Apply Divider Label Strips?

Stack the dividers, then peel off the strip of printed labels. Align the strip of labels with the dividers and firmly press down the labels from left to right to apply the labels to the tabs. Slowly peel away the strip in a downward motion, leaving the tab labels applied. For visual instructions, see the attached document.

4. How do I create and print a binder spine?

If you’re creating a binder spine, view the formatting and print tips for binder spines.

5. How do I print my dividers?

View our formatting and printing tips for dividers.

6. What types of dividers do you offer?

For more information, view our Avery Dividers demo and our Avery Mini Organization Products demo.

7. How do I print my logo, image(s) or text directly onto my dividers?

For more information, view our Avery Print-On Dividers demo.

8. What is the easiest way to handle a big project?

For more information, view our Avery Double-Column Ready Index demo.

9. How do I customize my tabs and attach labels to my tabs?

For more information, view our Avery Index Maker Clear Label Dividers demo