Cards and Tags FAQs

1. Can I print on both sides of my cardstock product?

Almost all Avery card products can be printed on both sides, with Clean Edge Business Cards being the only exception. Good news—we redesigned the Clean Edge Business Cards in 2007 to make them two-side printable (not applicable on Glossy Clean Edge Business Cards #8859). Look for Clean Edge Business Card packages marked “Two-Side Printable” to ensure you can print on both the front and back.

Glossy Clean Edge Business Cards #8859 have a special coating and are designed to be printed on one side only. These cards are the only Clean Edge Business Cards that are not two-side printable.

 To learn how to create two-sided business cards, view our Avery Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards Demo.

2. Are the envelopes that come with Avery Greeting Cards printable?

We do not recommend printing on envelopes. Envelopes can very easily skew and get caught in any printer which can cause damage. We recommend trying mailing labels. Avery manufactures both standard recipient and return address labels in white and clear.

3. Can I print to the edge on Avery business cards?

Most Avery business cards are manufactured with 10 per page with each card touching the card surrounding it which does not allow for print to the edge capability. Avery does manufacture business cards for consumers who prefer to print an entire image on their business cards and these cards are manufactured with 8 per page without any of the cards touching each other which allows for full bleed printing capability.

4. How do I print my brochures, business cards, half-fold greeting cards, laminated ID cards, postcards, index cards, rotary cards or tent cards?

For help printing your brochures, business cards, or other Avery cards, please view our formatting and printing tips for cards.

5. How do I create and personalize flyers with tear-away cards?

For more information, view our dAvery Flyers with Tear-Away Cards Demo.

6. How do I create and personalize door hangers with tear-away cards?

For more information, view our Avery Door Hangers with Tear-Away Cards Demo.

7. How do I create brochures with tear-away cards?

For more information, view our Avery Tri-Fold Brochures with Tear-Away Cards demo.

8. How do I use shelf tags to display promotional messaging or product details next to my merchandise?

For more information, view our Avery Removable Shelf Tags demo.

9. Do Avery postcards meet U.S. Postal Service® regulations?

Yes, our postcards meet mailing regulations for the U.S. Postal Service®. To get more information on mailing, visit the USPS® website