Formatting in Avery Design & Print Online
How to Format a Template in Avery Design & Print Online

After you select a template and a pre-design, the Customize screen appears.

In the Customize screen, personalize the design using the formatting tools. You can add, size and move text, insert images and shapes and do a mail merge.

Click a text box, image or shape in the design, the related editing options for that item will then appear. If you want to edit a different label or card on the sheet, click to select in the Sheet Navigator.

If your product has multiple labels or cards on a sheet, you can select a mode of editing—either Edit All, which enables you to copy objects to all the panels on a sheet, or Edit One, which enables you to work on a particular item on that sheet. To add an additional sheet of the same design, click Add Sheet.

Select the graphic to delete it, move it, or replace it with an image from the Avery Gallery or one of your own image files on your computer from My Computer. You can also use the formatting tools on the left to add shapes.

When you have finished formatting your template, click Preview & Print to continue.