How to Customize Your Project in the Design & Print App for Tablets (Using Page View & Edit One)

By default, the design canvas will open your project in Edit View on the Edit All tab. Depending on the nature of your project, you may need to use Page View and/or the Edit One tab.

Tip: Products with different types of items on the same sheet require the use of Page View and/or Edit One. Examples of these products are:

- CD/DVD labels with case inserts
- Dividers’ table of contents
- Products with tear-away cards or stubs
- Products that fold to create a front and back (e.g. Fold & Clip name badges, bag toppers)
- Binder cover and spine inserts

Edit View vs. Page View
Edit View displays a single item (e.g. one label, one business card) for customization. This view is used for adding or editing elements, such as text and images, in your project.

Page View displays all items on the sheet and allows you to select an item for editing. Simply tap the item you would like to edit to highlight it, and then tap the Edit View button to customize.

Tip: For products with different types of items on the same sheet, use Page View to select items of each type and Edit View to customize them. For example, after customizing a CD/DVD label, use Page View to select the case insert included on the same sheet. Once selected, tap Edit View to customize the case insert.

Tip: To add a sheet to your project, use the Add Sheet button shown in Page View. This will allow you to create multi-page projects and is useful when pages contain unique content. To facilitate the entry of this content, you may need to use the Edit One feature (see below for details).

Edit All vs. Edit One
Edit All allows the simultaneous editing of all similar items on a sheet. For example, to apply the same content to an entire sheet of labels, Edit All should be used.

Edit One allows the separate editing of each individual item on a sheet. For example, to apply different content to each label on a sheet, Edit One should be used.

Tip: When Edit One is selected and Edit View is active, the left and right arrows that appear below the Edit One tab allow you to cycle through each individual item on the sheet.