Markers, Highlighters and Glue Stics FAQs

1. Are your markers toxic?

MARKS-A-LOT® markers are Arts & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) certified AP non-toxic and conform to ASTM D4236 - Government Toxicity Test. They are not hazardous or harmful when used in its intended manner.

2. What can I use to highlight on thin, delicate or recycled paper?

Try HI-LITER Glidestik - its solid formula won't bleed through so it's great for newspapers, bibles, or paperback books.

3. What can I use to write with on plastic or glass food containers?

Use pen-style Marks-A-Lot® Whiteboard markers to write on clean, dry plastic or glass food containers: just wipe off and write again next time around! Four colors make them great for color-coding.

4. Need to repair peeling or torn wallpaper?

Avery Glue Stic works great!

5. I need help positioning and holding stencils in place while I cut and trace.

Avery Removable Glue Stic does the trick!

6. Never lick an envelope again!

Use Avery Glue Stic or Glue Pen.

7. Need to make posters, banners or signs on thin paper?

Use Avery Flipchart markers - they're water-based so they won't bleed through and they come in 8 vibrant colors!

8. Can I use permanent markers on a whiteboard?

No. Only whiteboard (dry erase) markers should be used on whiteboards. If you have accidentally written with a permanent marker, trace over with a MARKS-A-LOT® Whiteboard marker and wipe off with an eraser or dry cloth.