How do I get the printing to align properly on the page?

You can try these things:


  • Be sure you are using a genuine Avery product – non-Avery products are not optimized for our templates, and are not manufactured to our specifications.
  • Test print. Print first on a sheet of plain paper to determine which direction to feed in your printer and to check your design and alignment.
  • Fit to Page. Make sure that "Fit to Page" is not checked before printing your PDF. If "Fit to Page" is checked, your printing won't be actual size and won't align properly.
  • Printer settings. When you click Print, look in the Properties options in the print dialog box. Adjust Paper Type to Labels and Print Quality to Best. If your printer doesn't have a Labels setting, choose Heavyweight or Cardstock.
  • Feed once. Don't re-print on the same sheet of labels.
  • For additional help, go to our Help Center and choose Printing under General Help.