Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
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How can I change my account's email address?

Find out how to change your email address associated to your MyAvery account.

How do I change the margins on a template?

Easily change your margins when working with templates in Avery Design & Print Online or Microsoft Word.

How do I print a different address on each label in Avery Design & Print Online?

With Avery Design & Print Online, we make printing all of your addresses onto labels fast and convenient for you.

How can I keep the ink from smearing on my labels?

Whether you're using an inkjet printer or a laser printer, keep the ink from smearing on your labels with these tips.

How can I change a template from vertical to horizontal?

Avery makes changing the orientation of your template easy with Avery Design & Print Online and Avery Wizard for Microsoft Office.

The packaging says these labels are for laser printers. Can I use them with an inkjet printer?

Avery products are created according to the specifications of the printer type. For best results, use the printer type recommended on the product packaging.

Avery Idea Submission

Avery has teamed up with Evergreen Innovation Partners (EIP) to create a new way for inventors to present inventions and new products to Avery.

21 - 30 out of 32 Results | Page: < 1 2 3 4 >