How to Find a Template in the Avery Wizard Software for Microsoft Office
How to Find a Template in Avery Wizard Software for Microsoft Office

Start Microsoft Word. Click the Avery tab at the top of the Microsoft Word Ribbon toolbar and click the Avery Wizard logo.

If you do not see an Avery tab at the top of the Microsoft Word Ribbon toolbar, click the Office button at the top left  and then click the Word Options button. The Word Options screen will appear. Click Add-Ins, and then select Word Add-ins from the Manage drop-down list. Click Go.

The Templates and Add-ins dialog box will appear. Check AVWiz12s.dotm and click OK. Close Microsoft Word, then re-open Word. The Avery tab should be added to the Ribbon toolbar. Click the Avery tab and then click the Avery Wizard logo to launch the Avery Wizard.

The Avery Wizard will open, click the Next button.

If you know your Avery product number, type in the product number in the Product number or description field. Click Search.

Searching by product number is the fastest way to locate your product. The product number is usually shown as a four or five digit number in large print on the front of the package.

The product number is also the second set of numbers located directly below the UPC bar code on the product packaging.

Or select a Product Category from the drop-down list. You can view products, in the product list, in order by Product No. or by Description. Click the Product No. column to sort the list numerically by product number or the Description column to sort the product names alphabetically. You can then scroll down the list to locate and select the product.

Select the product template and click Next.

Select a pre-design for your product template and click Next to start personalizing your template.