Create Spine Inserts for Presentation Binders using Templates

When a binder is sitting on a shelf, its spine is the only way to know what's inside. With these easy steps, you'll be able to create a binder spine that's easy to identify and so enticing, that the binder won't sit on that shelf for long. All you need are free Avery pre-designed templates!

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Step 1: Start with a free template

Instructions: Get started with a free Avery Template. Under Templates, click on Binders.
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Step 2: Select Specific Product

Instructions: Under Binders, click on Binder Spine Inserts to narrow your search. Then, under Template Types, click on Pre-Designed.
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Step 3: Choose a Template

Instructions: You'll find a variety of predesigned templates to choose from. Click on the Binder Spine Insert link for the template you want to use. Select the right size binder for your Binder Spine Insert.
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Step 4: Download Template

Instructions: Once you've selected your template, click the Download Template button. Open or save the template on your computer.
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Step 5: Customize, Preview, & Print

Instructions: Customize your template by including the name of your company, name of the event, and/or title of the presentation. You can change the font style, color, and size using the Format menu in Microsoft® Word. Preview your template, and proofread for typographical errors or any missing information. Once you've finished editing, you're ready to print.
Customize, Preview, & Print