Company Picnic Banner
With the Right Tools, It's a Picnic!
Whether you're planning a company picnic or a sales meeting, there's always plenty of behind-the-scenes work to do. And when you've got the right tools, you accomplish it all with the kind of professional—and creative—flair that's become your signature. Once you learn how to use a tool and a few basic techniques, you can quickly create whatever you want—everything from postcards, signs and banners to personalized t-shirts. Best of all, you can create what you need, just when you need it, right from your desktop. With Avery Design & Print Online, creating customized postcards, posters and t-shirts can be a picnic!


T-Shirt Transfers

Personalized t-shirts are a great way to express the company spirit at picnics. Give everyone a t-shirt that celebrates the event. Or, if you're planning to have games, create a different shirt for each department with their team or department name on it. It's fun for everyone, and with our T-Shirt Transfers, it's easy to do. You can design them yourself with pre-designed templates in Avery Design & Print Online or Microsoft® Word. What a great way to identify everyone as part of your team and to give everyone a special keepsake from the picnic.


Whether it's an out-of-town meeting or a company picnic, save-the-date postcards are a perfect way to get people onboard. They're quick reads with copy that's short and to the point, and no envelope to open. Plus, it's easy to add bold, colorful graphics that make people take notice. With our postcards and templates, you can create an attention-getting design that will have attendees "hungry" for your picnic well before the date arrives!