Quick Steps to an Organized Home Office

Are you as productive as you can be in your home office, or do you find yourself surrounded by mayhem? An organized office space can make the difference between having a "command central" or a "chaos central." If you're ready to take charge and make your office more efficient, take a look at these simple steps to help get you started.

Find things fast

Your desktop is not where you should keep all your piles of paper! Create a place for all your paperwork so you'll know where to find what you need, when you need it.

- Running a business from home? Make sure you keep your work-related items separate from your personal business using separate filing cabinets. Also, designate different colored file folders for work and home to cut down on the confusion.
- Go through your files on a regular basis. Keep files current so you can easily access the most relevant information, and archive your old files. It's easy to update file folders in a jiffy with Avery File Folder Labels with TrueBlock Technology. With these labels, there's no need to purchase new folders—these labels are designed to cover up old labels or markings completely, so you can reuse the folders you already have.

Cut down on trips to the Post Office

Bring Post Office™ convenience to your desktop for all your day-to-day shipping and mailing needs.

- Turn your computer and printer into a shipping machine and never overpay for postage again with the Desktop Postal Center. Calculate exact postage with a digital postal scale and print Avery labels and postage right from your desk.
- Save time by scheduling package pickups using Internet shipping. Just set up an account with USPS® or UPS®, use their free software to create your internet shipping labels and arrange for a package pickup right at your door.

Keep your supplies handy

Your home office can run more smoothly when you've got the right supplies on hand.

- Create a pre-printed supply of mailing and shipping labels with Avery Labels and free templates.
- No more missing supplies—just label items with the location of where they belong using Avery I.D. Labels. For example, you may have one pair of scissors labeled "office" and another pair labeled "kitchen."

Take a look at your home office and see where you can use a little organization. Even simple steps can help you go a long way toward running a more efficient and productive place where business gets done!