Shipping Label with Logo

Add a Company Logo to Your Labels

Make your company’s address and shipping labels stand out with a simple customized touch. Just add your business logo to Avery Easy Peel® Address Labels and Avery Shipping Labels and instantly give your business mail and packages that professional look. Here’s how.

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Step 1: Gather What You Need

Instructions: To create custom address labels, start with Avery White Easy Peel Address Labels.
To create custom shipping labels, start with Avery White Shipping Labels.

Step 2: Go Online

Instructions: Open the free Avery Design & Print Online software.

Step 3: Start Your Project

Instructions: Choose to Create by Product by clicking the button on the left.

Step 4: Choose Your Product

Instructions: Find the product category on the left, or enter the product number found on the package, then double-click or hit Next.

Step 5: Choose a Design

Instructions: View the wide range of design categories on the left and respective samples for each category on the right.

Step 6: Add Your Logo

Instructions: Choose the Quick & Simple editing option, and click Next. On the next screen, click the Import Your Own button to upload your business logo. Graphic must be in a JPG format.

Step 7: Enter Address Info

Instructions: Type in the company name and business address starting with the first label. To repeat the name and address on all your labels, just click outside the input area.

When all your information has been entered, click Next.

Step 8: Change Font

Instructions: Here’s where you can fine-tune the font type, style, and appearance. Once you’ve finalized your font, click Next.

Step 9: Review

Instructions: Check out your labels in the preview screen. To go back and make any additional changes, you can click the Edit Your Content button or Change Font and Style. When you’re satisfied with the preview, click Next.

Step 10: Print

Instructions: Insert your label sheet into your printer, then click Print Your Project.

Step 11: Save

Instructions: To keep a copy of your project for future use, click Save Your Project and the file will be saved onto your computer.