Stack of Addressed Mail
How to Be a Wizard with Holiday Mailings
On an average day, the United States Postal Service® handles enough mail to circle the globe three times. Just imagine how much more they handle during the busiest time of year—the holiday season. From packages to holiday cards and letters, there’s a mind-boggling amount of mail that goes through the system. But with that much volume, a small portion of mail may get lost or not arrive in time. Is there anything you can do to make sure your mail doesn’t get lost in the shuffle?

Tips for Holiday Mail

For starters, use printed labels. They’re easier to read than handwriting. Include the complete ZIP Code with the address on every package or letter you send. If you’ve got a large mailing, pre-sort your outgoing mail by ZIP Code. And make sure you get it done early, so you can beat the holiday rush.

You can also create a nice presentation of your mailing with a label that sets the tone. Whether it’s formal and professional, or warm and friendly, use labels to help recipients form an impression of what they received.

Go from Mailing List to Labels in No Time

Creating your own printed labels is easy. Start by downloading the Avery Wizard for Microsoft® Office for free. With the Avery Wizard and Avery Labels, you can create address labels from your mailing list in no time. The Avery Wizard gives you simple step-by-step instructions so you can do a mail merge, format, customize and print your labels in a snap. You can launch the Wizard from wherever you keep your mailing list, whether it’s Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Outlook® or Access®. If you don't have a spreadsheet with all of your names and addresses, you can start with our pre-formatted files for Microsoft® Excel or other database programs.

Customized Labels Made Easy

Avery Wizard has a host of features to help you design and customize your labels. You can insert, move and resize company logos or other graphics. Change the font type, color or size. You’ve got the flexibility to be as creative as you want to be. You can even add a company logo to your mailing label.

This year, spend just a little extra time creating mailing labels that easy to read, customized and ready for the Post Office™. Use the free Avery Wizard download and Avery Labels and get your holiday mailings off to the right start.