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Binder Pocket & PDA

Use Binder Pockets for Reference

Frequently used documents stay neat and tidy in these handy binder pockets. Do you use a personal digital assistant? The Double Click™ pen works with your PDA to track all the important details.

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Step 1: Organize

Instructions: Organize paperwork that you’ll need ahead of time for when you’re out of the office.

Step 2: Fill Out & Apply

Instructions: Fill out Avery File Folder Labels with a doubleClick™ pen to identify folders. Apply labels to the folders and file your paperwork.

Step 3: Place Folders in Pockets

Instructions: Place file folders into the top pockets of your briefcase.

Step 4: Helpful Hint

Instructions: Take along extra file folders and labels to organize new documents as you receive them. When you return to the office, simply file them in your file cabinet.

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